sábado, agosto 04, 2007


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Gledwood disse...

Hi Maqira! How are you??
It's been a while since I heard from you.... I logged on earlier and saw that Princess Diana video... but when I tried to leave you a message about it the computer wouldn't let me into the comments page because of the pop-ups blocker ... so now I'm UNblocked and can leave my serene greetings!
I hope you don't mine my borrowing the Diana piece for my Celebrity Blog
http://gledwoodceleb.blogspot.com - of course I gave your name and a linkback to here!
Also did you know I've opened an Animals Blog - perhaps you will like that because it's all films of cute furry animals and fishes. Really entertaining! Come have a look at
I think you should like that one ...
OK take care Maqira, see you soon hopefully - drop by and say hi some day!
All the Best to you
"Vol 2" ...