terça-feira, abril 24, 2007


The silence is my only friend, in my old days.
He hears me, he is there, but nothing says.
He is my silence, because lives in my house
like the tree that belongs to the farmer who
planted it in his farm for ever... and so...
even the birds belong to him
because they make theirs nests in his tree!

Oh, my God what a nice sound is that?
I do not believe!
My phone is ringing,
And my heart begins to beat
joyfully, thinking that...

Only God has the time to remember me.
He knows how alone and sad I am
in a home of so many sad years
where I even live until He takes me in His Hands
close to His heart.

I picked the handle up and
Heard a voice I know well.
What a surprise. Thanks God.
It is not Your voice
but his Your help...
Hello? How are you dear Ma?

The tears rolled down her face with joy...


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